Can you use valve index controllers with oculus quest


Keep your finger on the pulse of the XR industry with the Daily Roundup, the most important news in one daily email. Revive is a free, unofficial mod which allows SteamVR headsets to play Oculus exclusive content provided the user owns the titles. The Oculus Touch controllers, for which the Oculus exclusive content is specifically designed, uses a thumbstick, two face buttons, a grab trigger designed to be continuously held, and can detect index finger pointing.

That leaves the overall experience of playing most of the Oculus exclusive content with Vive wands massively compromised. Yes, it technically worksbut in many cases is an exercise in input frustration. In the case of Robo Recallthe player is constantly grabbing and throwing objects, and the game expects the player to consciously hold the grab button while objects are in their hands and then release on the fly to throw. Once again, this is all wired up perfectly for the Index controllers and it feels very natural and easy to control.

A capacitive trigger on the Touch controllers allows the controller to infer when your real index finger is outstretched. Many Oculus games use this feature as a means of pressing small virtual buttons and it works pretty darn well. This does not include the middle, ring, and pinky fingers which Index controllers can track but Touch cannot. It was beginning to look like a sad state of affairs—with Valve offering one of the top VR headsets, but Oculus offering much of the top exclusive VR content—but especially with the potential for game-specific fine tuning of Index controller inputs via SteamVR Input, it seems more possible than ever to have the best of both worlds.

Looking forward to play the larger games to release, if I can get some Index controllers bought over here in the future. Hey Ben! Since you can, I have a small request for you. Would you be interested in trying out my Step Turning smooth locomotion mod hosted on roborecallmods.

Happy to hear Oculus games are fully playable on the Vive. Buying stuff in a walled garden is a bad idea no matter which way you cut it. Even Oculus exclusives are timed so they will inevitably come out on Steam sooner or later. Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Road to VR.

can you use valve index controllers with oculus quest

Hardware Reviews. Top Picks. Email Address:. Based on images courtesy Oculus, Revive. Buy them or dirt cheap on sale or miss out… You chose to miss out. I read your mind. There are unconventional methods to get these games Ryan Dodge.

can you use valve index controllers with oculus quest

Niklas Fritzell. Cosmos should work really good too. This article has made Darth Zuckerberg livid. Zuckerberg has other cats to whip. Bassem B. Pre Seznik. Have you tried Touch? I bet Revive is doomed.Custom built gaming desktop; i9 k water cooled oc to 5ghz, gtx ti from my old AGA32 gb hz ram, 1 tb ssd, 4 tb hdd. New to the forums? Click here to read the "How To" Guide. Click here to go to the Developer Forums. Rahotep Posts: March in Oculus Rift S and Rift.

I would like to understand if the "old" Touch controller will work with the new Rift S headset. March They probably won't. The new controllers have the ring above the hand on the Rift S so the cameras from the headset have a better view of the controllers. Another reason not to get the Rift-S - I truly love Touch. The new Rift-S controllers don't seem to protect my fingers, when I hit a brick wall from time to time and I do : Compared to my protective Touch semi-gloves.

Intel i7 K 4. CrashFu Posts: 1, Valuable Player. As someone with very large hands, I'm thinking the flipped ring might be more comfortable for me to hold. Hopefully not, since the ring section itself doesn't really weigh much? It's hard being the voice of reason when you're surrounded by unreasonable people.

Zenbane Posts: 15, Valuable Player. Are you a fan of the Myst games? Lujho Posts: DaftnDirect Posts: 5, Volunteer Moderator. March edited March I read the Rift-S controllers will work with the CV1, but not the other way around. May My dev laptop doesn't have a displayport and I don't use my desktop unless I have to. The new controllers would not pair with the original Rift. ShineyWolfboi Posts: 2. December RuneSR2 said:. February February 12 edited February The original Touch controllers communicate directly with the Rift CV1 headset.Answer through our detailed comparison.

Each of these three headsets has a different design. In terms of design and comfort, we can consider that the Rift S wins. However, these three devices have a design worthy of high-end products and can be adjusted using knobs. However, a 3. This is also one of his main differences with the first Vive who was content to take Jack. However, the connection varies from one device to another. It also requires a 12V electrical outlet. The Rift S is the simplest headphone to connect, but its two rivals are not very complicated to connect.

Obviously, the screen is one of the most important elements of a virtual reality headset. It is through this screen that the user will immerse themselves in the virtual world.

The definition is therefore higher compared to the first Rift, but the refresh rate slightly decreased. Anyway, the new lenses embedded by this headset reduce the effects of reflection that could be deplored on the first model. One of the disadvantages of OLED displays is the gate effect that can impact the experience in VR, but the definition of Vive Pro eliminates this problem. Clarity is increased. The image is therefore much smoother than on other headsets.

To top it off, the Valve Index screen offers a degree field of view as opposed to degrees for the Rift S and Vive Pro. These sensors must be arranged around the play area delimited by the user. Just place two of them at two opposite corners to delimit a large space of play and follow the movements of the headset and the controllers at degrees.

However, the installation and configuration process can be long and painful. This tracking system without external sensor is one of the main novelties of the Rift S. There is no need to have sensors in the room, and the installation is greatly simplified. After delineating his playing space with the help of the controllers, the player can directly immerse himself in the virtual world.

So we find a trigger, two side buttons, and a touchpad. This controller is rather limited because it simply does not allow you to use your fingers in virtual reality. On this point, the Vive Pro is therefore behind compared to its competitors. These accessories are equipped with side buttons, triggers, two three buttons and an analog joystick. It is thus possible to point fingers in the VR. First, straps allow to keep them in the hand of the user without having to keep them.

In addition, thanks to different sensors and capacitive buttons, the accessory is able to follow each finger independently. It is therefore possible to use each finger in VR realistically and naturally. For this price, you will receive the headset, its controllers, and all the necessary equipment for its operation. In addition, this device does not require a particularly powerful PC to operate.But, as Valve made clear when it revealed Alyx late last year, the Index version of the game comes with some small extras that change certain elements a little.

These are too minute to be considered game-changers, but do go some way to enhancing immersion. Valve sent one over for testing, which arrived after my first runthrough. The headset is more comfortable than a Rift S, its resolution is slightly better, the built-in audio solution is much better and you can get a wider field of view out of the headset than the Rift S, should you so choose.

Index features finger tracking, reading when your fingers are gripping the controller handle and when your hand is open. When it is open, the controller sticks to your palm with a strap. On Index, this results in more intuitive grabbing of items and, yes, you can flip off a headcrab when it makes you jump. You probably already knew that you can crush a can by squeezing your controller when holding it.

You can also activate Xen grenades — organic explosive green things — by doing the same. But it also just results in a smoother overall game experience.

So, yes, playing Half-Life: Alyx on Valve Index is definitely the best way to see the game, but not by much. While you wait, why not check out our full review of the game? Also, we played the game on Oculus Quest as well in both Virtual Desktop and Oculus Link modes and have a rundown of that experience as well.

can you use valve index controllers with oculus quest

Valve released more than 10 minutes of gameplay footage for Half-Life: Alyx and said buyers…. Jamie has been covering the VR industry since having come from a gaming and technology background. While he loves games, he's most interested in experiential VR that explores narrative, human connection and other such themes. He's also the host of Upload's VR Showcases, which you should definitely watch.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Light Dark. Follow Us. Jamie Feltham Jamie has been covering the VR industry since having come from a gaming and technology background.Although comparing these headsets is a bit like comparing oranges to apples different purpose and price rangethey are both excellent products that deserve your consideration.

But which one is right for you? Having owned the Quest for more than half a year and used the Valve Index on several occasions, I will give my personal insights and overview of the two headsets. I hope the information will help you make a more informed decision about which product to choose. Let does begin! Wireless Freedom Oculus Quest.

High-End Experience Valve Index. With the Oculus Quest, you will essentially have access to every VR game that is available. As a standalone device, you can use the Oculus Store to purchase and play a variety of games which also includes some exclusives to the Quest.

When used as a PC-tethered device via Oculus Linkyou will additionally get access to the titles in Steam and also Viveport. The compatibility for the games on different platforms is remarkably good.

Oculus Quest vs Valve Index

Although this means access to a large number of games, you are going to face compatibility issues with several Oculus titles. In most cases, this means you will have to take some time to fiddle with controller settings in order to get everything working as expected. With Valve Index you will also have access to Viveportbut again, be ready for some incompatibility issues. Oculus Quest is primarily a standalone device.

This means it packs the GPU and all the required hardware components within the headset. The key takeaway — do not expect the same kind of visual quality you get from a PC-tethered device, such as the Valve Index. Running at 72Hz, the image will not be as smooth and fluid as the visual experience you get from Valve Index. However, for most people, it will be enough for a pleasurable experience. When you use the Quest as a PC-tethered device via Oculus Link you can expect significantly improved graphics, since in that case your PC will do all the hard work.

Keep in mind, you are still bound by the 72Hz refresh rate though. With the Valve Index, you can pretty much expect the best visual experience that VR currently has to offer. However, the prerequisite for this is that you have a very capable PC that is able to generate the content and run it smoothly.

There really is no point in getting the Valve Index, if your PC merely meets the minimum requirements for the headset. The Index packs inside two LCD displays, which are able to produce the same resolution as the Quest x per eye.

The result is that the screen door effect SDE is virtually non-existent. The headset also offers excellent edge-to-edge clarity for the visuals, unmatched by the Quest.

can you use valve index controllers with oculus quest

Last but not least, the Index excels at the field of view FOV it is able to output. A wide FOV greatly adds to the overall experience and immersion. On the negative side, the colors on the Index seem much more washed out, especially the blacks. This is quite well noticeable and also slightly disturbing in the darker scenes. You might also notice that light objects tend to bloom over darker objects generating god-ray like effects.

While comfort is quite subjective and dependant on the particular person, I think I am doing nobody any injustice when I say the Quest is not the most comfortable headset you can buy. With all the necessary hardware packed into the headset, the device is quite unevenly balanced and nose-heavy. After about 30 minutes or even less you are quite certain to feel some strain on your forehead and nose.

However, most probably you are going to have to readjust the headset from time to time and transfer the weight to different parts of your faces. There are ways you can improve the overall comfort level of the Quest by adjusting the headset properly and using custom cushioning.Keep your finger on the pulse of the XR industry with the Daily Roundup, the most important news in one daily email.

This is similar to Oculus Go, except that Go only tracks rotation of the head and hands, which means it can only offer static, seated VR experiences. The biggest change is that the headset now uses an on-board tracking system which means the external cameras required by the original Rift are not longer necessary.

Oculus Exclusive Games Finally Feel Truly Playable with Index Controllers & Revive

That change will reduce the complexity of setup and the friction of use compared to the original Rift. The change in display does come with two downsides though: the move to an LCD display means that darker scenes will look more washed out than with the original Rift, and the headset loses the ability to adjust the distance between lenses also known as IPDwhich reduces the range of users who will fit within its suggested eye-range; you can read more about the supported Rift S IPD range here.

The biggest upgrades that Reverb brings to the table are an all new design which offers on-ear headphones, as well as new displays which offer a big jump in resolution compared to pretty much any other headset on the horizon.

HP is positioning Reverb as a professional and enterprise focused headset, but will also sell directly to consumers. With a leading resolution, Reverb seems like it could be a great choice for sim enthusiasts who already have a gaming PC and are looking for maximum clarity.

Read our latest HP Reverb hands-on. Much is still unknown about Index—even the basics like resolution, field of view, and price. Our best guess is that Index will be positioned toward existing PC VR enthusiasts, and those looking for a high-end VR experience who are willing to put up with mounting external trackers in their VR space.

Valve Index can play content from SteamVR. For those not worried about using an unofficial workaround, it will also likely play content from the Oculus Store via Revivealbeit with some caveats.

Valve has confirmed that Index pre-orders will begin May 1st, and by the time that happens we expect to get some essential details about the headset. The actual Index release date is set for sometime in June, though a specific date has not been confirmed. The price of Index is still unknown. The company is staying tight-lipped on all aspects of Cosmos for now, including price, resolution and recommended specs.

Hi Bob. That said, it certainly deserves mention; thanks for raising your voice! Yep agreed. Basically, HP Reverb is the Rift 2 everybody was looking to.

Fantastic resolution bump from gen 2 panels. But still LCD.

Do the current Oculus Rift Touch controller work with the new Oculus Rift S?

Microsoft should improve their code of WMR tracking though. They are the worst that WMR has, battery lasts about 3 hours, the buttons layout is not good. They decided to do the easiest and effortless thing they cloud. The new touch controllers are a good example of controllers made for inside-out tracking. I give you eye opener : Buy PKCell 1. They will work several days, before you need to recharge them, They are cheap and come with special charger.

The full charge is 1. WMR has the best controllers as you have thumbstick for one time of games and clickable touchpad for others titles.

Both solutions is a must in controller. Also, great to put away the controller on table by putting it on that big wheel in vertical position.

Valve Index controllers handling slow finger movements

What Lenovo headset are you referring to? If it has a better resolution than 1st gena little bit more FOV and supports the base stations I already have, I would be ready to pay around for a bundle with the Knuckles-controllers. I hope the index improves on the build quality, text readability and ease of setup of the Pimax though.

PiTool is braindead easy to install and use. Text readability is amazing.It also includes a Mini DisplayPort adapter in the box.

Note that many laptops are not VR-ready. Such adapters are available from retailers like Amazon, from brands like Cable Matters. The headache of this situation is why all major VR companies created the VirtualLink standard.

While currently only one laptop supports the standard, by the next generation of VR hopefully most gaming laptops will. Oculus is now accepting applications for Oculus Connect 2 in Hollywood from September He comes from a Software Engineering background, but now writes for UploadVR, primarily about the technology behind VR hardware and software. He believes that VR will one day become a mainstream technology that will fundamentally transform society.

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